Thank You To All The Heroes!

By May 7, 2020August 16th, 2020Blog

I want you to picture what I am about to say in your minds cause its probably going to hit strongly.

You wake up one morning and hear it on the news, pandemic, people are constantly seeing numbers rise, people have become infected and some have passed away. Governors issuing stay at home orders, social distancing, masks, gloves, and everything that comes with it.

You need supplies and so you get into your car and drive down to the local Walmart, Target, or supermarket and see where other people have formed a long line standing on each marking which says “please maintain 6 feet apart”. There is a worker there managing the flow of incoming and outgoing traffic. In some cases, there is another employee spraying disinfectant. A different set of workers stacking shelves and working the registers. Delivery drivers dropping off groceries, pizzas, or even shipments. Other workers are at the drive-thru giving you your meal. You get hurt, sick, or more there are nurses and doctors there to take care of you. Are you getting this picture by now?

While you sit in your homes watching movies and going through quarantine there are people risking their lives every day to make sure that yours is ok. Did you personally notice? Have you thanked them for more than just your order?

I was driving home one day from food shopping and was in awe to see a sign on a fence. As I drove a little further there were signs on cars and lawns “Thanking heroes during this pandemic.” Some of you might not see it but you should, these people who risk their lives every day are HEROES. So to those of you who have chosen to spend your days making everyone else safe, I just want you to know that you are my hero. You are a hero to all of us. We are proud to have you all in our communities.

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