Movie Night – “The Way Back”

By May 24, 2020August 16th, 2020Blog

Decided to have a movie night with the family, and we decide to watch a movie we have been sliding down the countdown list for weeks now “The Way Back”. Now I have to say that most inspirational movies have a general formula to them. A person takes over team, the team deals with adversity, then team win championship, and everyone leaves feeling as if they themselves can now become a sports all-star that an do anything.

Very seldom do you see a movie that adds another side to these types of stories. I am not clearly going to spoil the movie because you might not have seen it. But here is the general plot. Jack Cunningham was a high school basketball superstar who suddenly walked away from the game for unknown reasons. Years later, he’s now stuck in a meaningless job and struggling with alcoholism — the very thing that ruined his marriage and his hope for a better life. But Jack soon gets a shot at redemption when he becomes the basketball coach for his alma mater, a program that has fallen on hard times since his teenage glory days.

I was blown away by Ben Affleck in this movie, who pretty much puts on the best performance of his career, and let’s just say it’s been a pretty long career. You can feel his emotion through every aspect of the life he’s experiencing in the movie. The movie shows how serious and stronghold alcoholism can have on a person. This was a great movie, here is the trailer for “The Way Back”

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