Atlanta Wendy’s Burns Down during Protests

By June 24, 2020August 8th, 2020Blog

While many are protesting peacefully throughout the United States for racial justice, some instances have become violent and given a bad perception of these protests to the media. One of these occurrences was in June when an Atlanta Wendy’s restaurant was burned down in the middle of a protest. A shooting occurred at the Wendy’s after police were called because of a car blocked in the drive thru lane. Rayshare Brooks was found asleep in the vehicle, and was shot once the police tried to arrest him for being intoxicated. Brooks himself was black and the police officer that shot him, Garrett Rolfe, was white.

Since the fire, Natalie White has been charged and put on bond as the main suspect in the arson. Cases like this have cast a very negative light on those protesting against racism and police brutality. Our thoughts are with the franchisees and any injured in this.

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