What is happening with The Ellen Show?

By July 28, 2020August 16th, 2020Blog

The Ellen Show and its staff has been under fire for creating an environment that is racist, inappropriate, and generally toxic. Ellen DeGeneres herself has crafted a public image of being one of the kindest people in Hollywood, but if she cannot control her staff’s behavior, then she may be failing at upholding this persona behind the scenes. Accounts of the work environment have included first-hand encounters with racism, sexual harassment, and other forms of intimidation. Since the first accusation of this toxic environment arrived in May, others have asserted similar accusations.

Comedian Kevin T. Porter asked people on Twitter to send in any of their less-than-kind experiences with Ellen, and he would, in turn, donate money to a food bank for each story sent in. Since all of this controversy, Warner Brothers has begun an investigation into the accusations. Ellen herself is claiming that she could not control all of the behavior of her staff since the show has grown so greatly, and some celebrities like Katy Perry have come to her defense as an individual. Regardless, should people still boycott the show based purely on the staff issues that are being reported? 

Well, since the flood of accusations has been all over the media, ratings of the show itself have plummeted. Perhaps the public is showing their response with their TV remotes!

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