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By August 5, 2020August 8th, 2020Blog

On this week’s main show, the crew was joined by one of the Co-Founders of AllCity Artists, Bob Heimann. AllCity Artists is an online platform that connects fine artists with consumers of art through apparel. Heimann made the point that many people love art and want to support it, but cannot afford original works. Thus, AllCity gives people the opportunity to support the arts by buying merchandise and clothing with pieces of work on them. In other words, they make “wearable canvasses” and all the while, help grow artists and connect them with others in the community. 

Currently, AllCity hosts four artists on their platform: Renda Writer, Nate Dee, Alain Georges, and Keyani Watkins. Each artist that works with them then creates a collection of apparel to list on their website, and they then split the profits off of each sale evenly. This is not only great for sharing their pieces and networking, but it helps them financially. With AllCity, artists can make multiple sales off one piece of art, through offering apparel like t-shirt, fleece crewnecks, and more,

AllCity wants to continue to expand to more artists as well as consumers. You can see all of the collections now on their website.

Plus, hear more from Co-Founder Bob Heimann on Episode #20 of The Latin Babbler Show!

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