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Latin Artist Spotlight – Ronnie Fernandez

Ronnie Fernandez is a mixed media artist based in New York and Los Angeles who creates work that discusses relationships between people and their environments. Frequently using personal memorabilia and experience as a canon for her pieces, Fernandez discusses the various ways we perceive our ever-fluctuating memories over time and the atmospheres around us. Using colorful, large-scale canvases with varying textured surfaces, paint is used as an expressive vehicle to highlight themes of disconnection, impermanence, and reconstruction, meanwhile putting a focus on the alternative realities we are apart of and enter when reflecting on our past and present.

Ronnie has recently graduated with her BFA in Fine Arts at The School of Visual Arts and is currently working in Los Angeles, California.

Ronnie’s work will be showcased in a first virtual solo show in the Thierry Goldberg Gallery starting October 22nd, 2020. The title of the exhibit is “I Put My Faith In My Temple”

You can follow all of Ronnie’s work on her website www.ronniestudio.com or follow on Instagram @ron.nie55

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