#41 The Amazing Voices of Daniel

By November 22, 2020Episodes

Join The Latin Babbler and the crew as we welcome Youtube sensation, Daniel Ferguson, a voice impersonator, and former America’s Got Talent contestant. Special Artist Spotlight Gianfranco with his new song “Cada Finde”. Will Daniel beat the Latin Babbler in a voice battle? Listen to find out.

Daniel is a 26-year-old originally from Youngstown, Ohio, currently residing in Northern Virginia. He spends much of his efforts coming up with new ideas for his YouTube channel, which has garnered over 230k subscribers. Daniel has a passion for voice acting that originally stemmed from his love of cartoons and performing in drama club and forensics in high school.  In his spare time, Daniel enjoys baking, singing, playing piano, and rewatching his favorite cartoons and sitcoms.

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