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Immigration’s Status in a New Administration

Detention Centers

Biden has received a significant amount of flack following the status of detention centers based on two specific arguments. The first of which specifically is regarding migrant children in detention centers and the second regarding a more general concern for detention centers remaining under the oversight of private prison companies.

The critics surrounding the child migrant detention centers focus on how long Biden has taken to reunite families and the living conditions that the migrant children residing in these detention centers are in. While the Biden administration has made progressive strides in reuniting families and ensuring unaccompanied children are removed from jail facilities, there are still an estimated 1,000 families as of May 2021 that need to be reunited. Biden’s promises of reforming the treatment and conditions for migrants, especially children, in custody remains unfulfilled in the eyes of the country regardless of political party affiliation according to a poll conducted by NPR/Ipsos in May of this year. With nearly 200 days as president, the country’s tensions and expectations are becoming unruly.

As for the more general concern for detention centers, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has terminated its contract with the private, for-profit prison company LaSalle Corrections. However, there have recently been 34 migrants transferred to the Irwin County Detention Center which is under the oversight power of the LaSalle Corrections Agency. There is speculation amongst advocacy groups regarding the Department of Homeland Security’s ability to completely server ties with the Detention Center anywhere between June 18th or a month post announcement regarding the ending of the partnership between DHS and the private prison company. The government’s failure to halt migrants from being placed in these prisons, specifically the Irwin County Detention Center, is especially concerning considering that a variety of medical abuses that prompted Congressional investigation.

Credit: GBP File Photo

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