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Immigration’s Status in a New Administration

Title 42

Title 42 is the primary policy receiving public attention as Biden has failed to repeal this Trump-originated policy. This policy was a pseudo legitimate reason to further close and limit migrant entry at the border based on recommendations made by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) at the beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic. This was marketed to prevent the spread of the virus across country borders, similarly to how other countries of the world have done. Although this appears to be legitimate, this is a flawed and heavily criticized reason to close the border as the CDC is not nor has ever previously been involved in the oversight or administrative processes at the border by any means. As the pandemic appears to be nearing an end with widespread social normality making a comeback, this policy is becoming less necessary. Furthermore, Biden has received criticism for not repealing or ending this policy as his presidential campaign primarily ran on the basis that he would halt pseudo legitimate policies that President Trump enacted, such as this exact policy.

Latino Vidas Matter

It is valid and understandable to become worked up about immigration policy’s status as there have been complete portions of policy and many children who have gone completely ignored. Although Biden’s Administration has made significant and progressive reform to immigration, more pressure needs to come directly from constituents, regardless of party affiliation, to have Title 42 repealed, for migrant children to be given proper resources and removed from private prison oversight. However, the Republican-leaning constituents that supported Trump in these policies and are now criticizing Biden for those same policies, need to be mindful that Joe Biden is not even past the 200-day mark of his presidency.

The Latin Babbler said in his Instagram IGTV video titled “Latin kids in cages wtf” that Hispanics and Latinos across America have supported the African community and every other community when a movement arises. Although there has been some media coverage on the war on immigration, this topic has not been reported on enough and has gone on for enough time to spur a Latino/x centered movement that holds the Biden Administration and the surrounding government agencies accountable.

What are your thoughts?

Do you believe the Biden Administration should be given more or less criticism?

Is there any more information on this topic that you want to discuss?

As the migrant children in cages span across administrations, who do you believe should be held responsible?

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