Our Mission

To provide the audience with not just a podcast but a full-on entertainment experience with a Latin twist. As we grow we look to build an audience that will allow for our show to be a fixture in their lives for decades to come.

What is The Latin Babbler Show?

The Latin Babbler Show is a comedy podcast that entertains its listeners with humorous accounts of entertainment, world events, and lifestyle. Laugh your way through the craziness of the world!


Our Main Flagship Weekly Program includes:

The entire cast puts on a show live to its guests. The Program is made up of various segments and entertainment such as:

  • Celebrity News Talk and Discussions
  • Updated News
  • Kissed and Dismissed: a segment that focuses on dating experiences.
  • Reality TV with Hannah and Bri: A humor topic on current reality tv show situations.
  • Conspiracies Gone Wild: Focuses on the latest conspiracy theories.
  • Special Musical Numbers
  •  Special Guest Interviews