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Meet Hannah, The Disney Fanatic and Creator of Completely Magic!

Meet Hannah, a normal everyday woman. A Senior in College, Environmentalist, and OH! and is arguably the biggest Disney World fanatic. And I don’t mean your normal “Be our guest singing along” type of fan, I mean, Disney Funko Pops, Disney apparel wearing, using beauty and the beast chip mug type of fanatic.

You see Hannah, has been visiting Disney World in Orlando, Florida since her fifth birthday. I asked Hannah a few questions about her Disney interest and here is what she had to say:

Latin Babbler: How did your Disney obsession start?

Hannah: I was able to visit Disney World when I was five for my birthday. My family had all been, and they wanted to make sure I was old enough to remember my first experience there. It was completely magical from start to finish. There was a mixup with our hotel room and we were switched to this massive suite with a fireworks view at the Contemporary, and when I walked into the room there was a fluffy Belle gown waiting on the bed for me to wear into Magic Kingdom that day. When I first got to the park, all of the amazing cast members referred to me as princess. It didn’t take much more than that to convince me that this was like nowhere I’d ever been.

Latin Babbler: How many times have you gone to Disney World and were the trips different?

Hannah: I’ve lost count. I’ve been probably 10 times with my extended family, three times with just my mom. I’ve had maybe 5 trips that were shorter for specific events and I also got to visit Disneyland when I was a younger teen. Every trip is different. Recently they’ve been all about new attractions and openings like Rise of the Resistance and festivals like the Epcot International Festival of the Arts. I always try to taste new foods and snacks, try new restaurants and visit my must-do favorite rides, of course. Some things stay as traditions and other things become new traditions. That’s part of the beauty of Disney.

Latin Babbler: Are members of your family Disney Fanatics like you are?

Hannah: Absolutely. I’d say I’m the most fully developed fan because I obsess over the films, merchandise, parks, and history, but my family is huge Disney World fans. It’s everyone’s favorite place to vacation and we love planning months in advance just because it’s exciting
to think about.

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