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Why are Women Associated with Doing Housework?

In episode #13 of The Latin Babbler Show podcast, the crew discusses different statistics on how men and women split obligations around the house like cleaning, laundry, cooking, and the like. In the categories discussed, women typically do most of these chores, even though we might think these responsibilities should be split evenly. 

There are many commonly accepted ideas as to why this is the case: laziness, “blindness” to clutter or mess, etc. A sociological study done on this idea concluded that men and women both agree when things are messy, but don’t feel the same sense of shame associated with running a cluttered household. When both of these genders were asked about how embarrassed they’d be by a cluttered room, men were less likely to feel obligated to clean before having company. 

Additionally, some studies suggest that young girls are asked to help more around the house than young boys, and boys receive allowances more often than girls. There is also a label associated with women who ask men to help around the house. They run the risk of being a “nag.” All of these societal forces have contributed to this unfortunate trend. That said, try your best to split responsibility at your home! And listen to Episode #13 Latin Babbler Show to find all the breakdowns of the gender gap.

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