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Meet Natalie Rivero – The Savvi Dealmaker

On episode 34 of The Latin Babbler Show, we had the pleasure of speaking with Natalie Rivero, Real Estate Dealmaker, Mother, and Ambassador for fitness apparel line, Savvi. Natalie is a powerhouse that is able to achieve deals for clients looking for homes or selling their home in the Miami area of Florida, while simultaneously sharing fitness inspiration and recently, her journey as a new mom! Rivero also has a YouTube channel that features videos of her experiences in real estate, and information on homes and areas to give potential buyers a better idea of locations they might be interested in. Her approach to real estate is to use teamwork to find deals for buyers, sellers, and investors. She is able to make meaningful connections with people, but still successfully negotiate deals that will satisfy many of her previous clients.

In addition to being a dealmaker in real estate, Rivero is an ambassador to Savvi, an apparel company that specializes in athleisure clothing, but also offers styles for the working woman, or any customer that wants to add to their wardrobe. Rivero mentioned how perfect of a collaboration this was, because it allowed her to continue pursuing fitness as a passion while supporting a company she believes in.

In late September, Rivero welcomed her first child, Khalel to Pembroke Pines! She has been spending time with her family and sharing his first month home on her Instagram, @natalie_rivero. 

Natalie was truly an incredible guest on the show. Her personality and charisma brought a bunch of fun to both the interview and our other segments. Check out the full episode on all platforms now!

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