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Immigration’s Status In a New Administration

President Trump’s Administration leaves behind the legacy of increased and strict immigration policies that affected the Latino/x community. Throughout his four-year term serving as president, the primary news and social media postings surrounding the Latino/x community included but were not limited to the exponential influx of children in cages with foil blankets, stories of sterilization and hysterectomies, deprivation of asylum hearings despite eligibility, systematic separation of families, detention center overcrowding, unjust and protracted solitary confinement. Recently, there have been a variety of class-action lawsuits which seek to hold ICE and the detention centers which have committed certain mishandlings accountable for their poor humanitarian actions and treatment. Joe Biden’s winning campaign publicized his intentions to halt and overturn the problematic humanitarian treatment and overall policy that was carried out during the Trump administration.

Credit: NPR’s Dario Lopez-Mills/AP

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