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The Stigma of Mental Health in the Latino/a Community

Compared to many medical conditions, mental illness is the most taboo for theLatino/a community. Not only do most Latino/Hispanic cope in silence with a...

Keeping Up with the Cubanos: The Censorship & Social Injustice in Cuba!

Regarding recent news in Cuba, there is virtually none. It has been difficult for the international community to keep up with the Cubanos because...

In The Heights: A Celebration, A Reckoning.

As I switched my laptop over from Airplay to Google Drive to write this review, I couldn’t help but feel a whirlwind of emotions....

Being LGBTQ+ and Latinx: What Pride Means To Us!

THE ORIGINS OF LGBTQ+ PRIDE When we think of Pride, we often picture queer individuals filling the sidewalks during a massive parade, filled with floats,...

Immigration’s Status In a New Administration

President Trump’s Administration leaves behind the legacy of increased and strict immigration policies that affected the Latino/x community. Throughout his four-year term serving as...
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