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Interviewed with Elizabeth Mendes #93

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We had the pleasure of interviewing Elizabeth Mendes a first generation Latina who is currently a Pharmacology and Cancer Biology PhD Student Duke University, and is bringing awareness to mental health through her social media platforms.

Our Special Guest – Elizabeth Mendes AKA Elizabeth The Scientist

Elizabeth Mendes, AKA Elizabeth the Scientist, is a first-generation Latina that is a second-year pharmacology and cancer biology Ph.D. student at Duke University’s School of Medicine’s Cellular and Molecular Biology program.

Like many other first-generation Latinas, her parents worked hard and sacrificed so that she could have a better life in this country. Her father immigrated to the United States without middle school education and her mother was raised by a single parent with ten children—she was one of the only people in her family to receive a high school diploma.

From a young age, Elizabeth used her identity and background to help feed her desire to reach the highest level of education, regardless of how difficult the path—especially in a field where only 2-3% of Latinas hold jobs in STEM.

Elizabeth is also a Mental Health Advocate. Diagnosed with ADHD, depression, and anxiety, she uses her platform to open doors around crucial topics surrounding mental health to help support our community.


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