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The Latin Babbler

"The Latin Babbler" Is a New Jersey Born Puerto Rican/Dominican that is unapologetic about his passion for family, life, faith, and most importantly "HIS MOUTH". An Internet Media Specialist, Senior Front End Developer, Entrepreneur, and Marketer by day, Babbler decided it was time to lend his voice to the microphone, and thus The Latin Babbler was formed.

Simply put, the man has an opinion or straight facts about everything and refuses to stop talking about it. So whether its politics, humor, sports, or current personal events, The Latin Babbler is going to address everything taking place in our world today.


Maite "La Tigera"

"La Tigera" is a tough Dominican chick from Jersey. She then migrated to Miami for high school. She has loved the biz since the minute she grabbed a microphone. She is single, enjoying life to the fullest, and loves hanging out with family and friends. She loves to make people laugh and have a good time.

Maite "La Tigera" introduces you to all kinds of entertainment topics and interviews.


Mz Raqui

"Mz Raqui" is an outspoken and fiery Latina from the M.I A.. She was born and raised in South Florida, from Colombian and Aruban parents. Since she was a kid she loved the spotlight, performing on stages, playing instruments, and dancing/singing. You name it, she did it. Music has always been a part of her upbringing and most importantly; music is food for her soul. Get ready as she shares tips on nightlife and entertainment.
Catchphrase: "When life gives you lemons, find some Vodka, and make a drink!"

El Bohike

“El Bohike” is a Dominican/Puerto Rican that is passionate about his Latino culture. Father and king of conspiracy theories, Bohike loves to introduce points of view that will get the ground shaking with humor and laughter. Get ready because Conspiracies Gone Wild might just make you think differently.

The Creative Team



Brianna Fernandez is a New York/ LA based actress, voice-over artist, songwriter, and activist. She is currently known for being the spokesperson for Queensboro Community College. For over two years, Brianna had toured as a performer for the 2017-2019 S.T.A.R theater company at the Director’s Company. She is also most notably known for the role of Talia Santos for Pearson Education Levels 3 and 4, directed by Jezabel Montero and for her role as Maria for the Oxford Press directed by Kris Van Nest. Brianna has worked on several commercial and voice over projects for companies such as BMW, WNMU, University of Northern Iowa, and ESPN.

Television credits include Karla Angel in Season 4 Episode 3 of Bull and Gabriela in the Emmy Award-winning series We Speak NYC, directed by George Lavoo.

Social Media and Marketing

Rafael Fernandez III

Hannah Bouchard is a mixed media artist, environmental advocate, food and Disney blogger. Her blog, Completely Magic, shares opinions and best-of lists based on the parks of Disney World in Florida and Disney-inspired fashion.
She also volunteers with organizations dedicated to the arts and mental health awareness to link the two and create content that serves a social purpose.
Hannah works with The Latin Babbler on the Reality TV with Hannah and Bri segment, as well as writes and edits articles based on topics from the episodes.