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Rafael Fernandez Jr

Rafael Fernandez, Jr. is a Puerto Rican/Dominican Digital Creator and Founder of Wafi Media a coast-to-coast Latino-owned and staffed company based in Los Angeles. 

After his time in United States Navy serving from 1995 to 1997 at the prestigious Commander in Chief US Atlantic Fleet and on the USS South Carolina (CGN 37), Rafael had to overcome many adversities such as single parenting, discrimination, and even home displacement. He single-handedly worked his way out of poverty by teaching himself web development and graphic design which is at the forefront of the visuals and content you see across all of Wafi Media’s Networks.

Rafael Fernandez Jr. has inspired many through his love of culture, humor, and compassion for his community while being a voice for complicated topics regarding the Latino community. He has been able to encourage and connect with individuals from different parts of the United States and Latin America to promote an ideal that is at the core of Wafi Media – Representation Matters!