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Rafael Fernandez, Jr. is a Puerto Rican/Dominican Digital Creator, Host of the Latin Babbler Show, and the Founder of Wafi Media.

As a self-taught web designer, graphic designer, and social media manager his various skills helped in the development of websites for large corporations such as True Trading Group, Vivos, Lisc Bay Area, and more. His 20 years of experience in branding and design are at the forefront of what you see in the Wafi Media brand and its networks.

Having little to no experience as a host, Rafael led the way joined by members of his family and friends to start The Latin Babbler Show, a Top 2% globally recognized podcast which provides its audience with a multimedia experience each week spotlighting top celebrity and executive interviews, culture, the arts, food, and current events. In such a short time the show has amassed over 23,000 thousand audio downloads and 32,000 YouTube views.

Inspired by the podcast and seeing the lack of representation in media and arts, Rafael decided to create Wafi Media, one of the fastest-growing Latino-owned, full-service digital media companies focused on showcasing the Latino community through a mixture of entertainment news, representation, and discussions. Wafi Media has had the privilege of partnering with brands, educational institutions, festivals, and talent managers across the United States. Rafael has overseen the growth of its online presence to over 34 million monthly impressions on Instagram with networks such as Todo Wafi (3.6k), Something Latino (65K), Something Latina (102k), and over 5k views on

After two and half years of being behind the scenes and on the microphone, Rafael has decided to use his platform to start becoming a digital creator with the goal of providing humor, representation, motivation, and more.Β  His new project β€œThe Culture Diversity Tour” aims at showing the diversity of the Latino culture in the various different states across the US and soon Latin America.

Rafael Fernandez Jr. has inspired many through his love of culture, humor, and compassion for his community while being a voice for complicated topics regarding the Latino community. He has been able to encourage and connect with individuals from different parts of the United States and Latin America to promote an ideal that is at the core of Wafi Media – Representation Matters!




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