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In The Heights: A Celebration, A Reckoning.

As I switched my laptop over from Airplay to Google Drive to write this review, I couldn’t help but feel a whirlwind of emotions. I had been anticipating the...

Being LGBTQ+ and Latinx: What Pride Means To Us!

THE ORIGINS OF LGBTQ+ PRIDE When we think of Pride, we often picture queer individuals filling the sidewalks during a massive parade, filled with floats, music, and rainbow flags. What...

Latinos Making Big Waves in Movie Blue Miracle

Blue Miracle stars Jimmy Gonzales as Oscar Venegas a.k.a Papa Omar and Dennis Quaid as Captain Wade.. This film is directed by Cuban American Julio Quintana, who also co-wrote it. Cinematography...

Under Da’Moon Interviews The Latin Babbler

Check out this amazing interview! MomFirstAlwayz Network interview the Latin babbler in episode#9 of the Under Da'Moon show. We talk about the show, sports, culture, and society. ...

Megan’s Challenge: 128oz of Hydration

In order to get moving and to be energized, the first step you can take is just drinking water. Drinking water can help you lose weight by increasing your...

Immigration’s Status In a New Administration

President Trump’s Administration leaves behind the legacy of increased and strict immigration policies that affected the Latino/x community. Throughout his four-year term serving as president, the primary news and...

Artist Spotlight: Don Sonero

A multifaceted Artist (writes, produces, makes all kinds of Latin music) with innovation, diversity, and excellence. This Puerto Rican singer, born in Río Piedras, Puerto Rico has been one...

Special Look – Bryan Fernandez

Listen to the Interview Bryan Fernandez is a 20-year-old Dominican artist from Washington Heights. His artwork is about the Dominican Diaspora that is found in the United States and examines the...

Artist Spotlight - Don Sonero

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